If you’re like most people there is one big question on your mind when looking at scheduling with a new chiropractor. How much does it cost?

You will find out quickly that we are as open and transparent as possible with all of our clients, all of the time. Because we don’t want to hide anything from you we’ve got everything detailed here on what it looks like to work with us at RiverTown Chiropractic.

We see all kinds of people with all kinds of problems. Some people need a little bit of care… and some people need a lot of care. So while it is very difficult to give you an exact number here on what it would cost I can let you know what it looks like on average to work with us.

If we would find with you what we find with most people, we typically recommend anywhere from 24 to 36 visits to get your problem corrected, rather than merely make you feel better. Those 24 – 36 visits will typically take 4 – 6 months to complete and can cost upwards of $3,000.

Now I don’t want you to worry about that potential $3,000 price tag… We offer incredibly affordable in-house financing options for all of our care plans. We do this to make things affordable and predictable so that there are never any surprise charges while you’re under care with us.

Due to these trying times with COVID we are doing something that we don’t do very often.

We are temporarily discounting our care by up to 25% to make working with us even easier than ever. COVID has hit all of us hard, physically, mentally, spiritually, and definitely financially.

Now, this discount won’t be lasting forever, at some point our prices will be going back up to normal so if you want to take advantage of this 25% discount make sure to request your appointment today.