Michelle is a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist and graduate of Alpha School of Massage. She has experience with various types of massage: Medical Massage, Oncology Massage, Swedish, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone and Barefoot Massage. She is also trained in Reflexology.

Medical Massage Therapists (MMT) work towards resolving specific conditions that a physician has diagnosed in a patient. MMT’s use a broader set of modalities, such as Trigger Point Therapy or Myofascial Release, to offer a results-oriented therapy to areas of the patient’s body suffering from injury or pain. Therapists work together with physicians and other health practitioners, to achieve the best possible health outcomes for the patient.

Michelle recently received certification for Oncology Massage – Medical Massage for the Oncology Patient. This specialized massage offers many benefits to Oncology patients currently undergoing therapy or has received oncology treatment in the past. It is a blend of Swedish massage and lymphatic draining. Michelle has a background in Personal Training, allowing her to provide remedial exercises for injury and rehabilitation purposes. She is experienced in treating and rehabilitating patients using myofascial release concepts. She is constantly learning the latest in massage techniques to assist in helping conditions that traditional medicine cannot resolve alone.