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Nature Makes You Healthy?!


Health Benefits of being outside How much time do you spend indoors?  Did you know that many Americans spend 90% f our lives indoors?  That time at our jobs in the office, commuting to and from our jobs, time in front of the TV and sleep.  Not only is that a depressing statistic, but there [...]

Nature Makes You Healthy?!2020-01-23T18:30:41-08:00

Massage guns… Do they really work?


So these massage guns. I know you’ve been seeing them all over Facebook just like I have. There seem to be a hundred different brands and they all claim to do the same thing. If you’re like me, you’ve probably been asking yourself these same questions… Which brand is the best? Why is there such [...]

Massage guns… Do they really work?2019-12-11T11:46:45-08:00

What’s With These Weighted Blankets?


So Dr. Angela got a weighted blanket several months ago and she has been using it every, single, night. I’m seeing lots of other people using these and talking about how it’s affecting their sleep. So let's talk. What’s the deal with these weighted blankets and how do they work? First and foremost it is [...]

What’s With These Weighted Blankets?2020-01-23T18:02:13-08:00